Hope at hand

Bridging the gap for the next generation


February 2016

Our Vision

To campaign to change the lack of continuity of mental health care for students living between university and home.   To Raise Awareness And Stamp Out Stigma   -Having an a-z guide of different mental illnesses and the myths and... Continue Reading →


Celebrating Success, Not Reinforcing Doubt

As most of you know our aim is to raise awareness of the lack of continuity of care for students who live in 2 different locations throughout the year due to university. We're all about celebrating each other's successes, not... Continue Reading →

Sophie’s Story

Hi, I'm Sophie, I previously volunteered with of Hope At Hand. Here's a bit about my story and where this all began. The idea of ‘Hope at Hand’ begun as a very small dream based on some unpleasant personal experiences with... Continue Reading →

The Launch – Update *Trigger Warning*   This is the original post (regarding her and her friend's recent experiences with the mental health services) of our founder, Sophie which went viral within 48 hours. Thanks to this post reaching so many viewers, ITV Anglia asked... Continue Reading →

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