To campaign to change the lack of continuity of mental health care for students living between university and home.


To Raise Awareness And Stamp Out Stigma


-Having an a-z guide of different mental illnesses and the myths and facts that come with them.

-Gather a bank of personal stories from yourselves and us, of experiences with the mental health services.

– To give you a page of helplines and local information (Norwich and Norfolk) for people to use as signpost to help (as we are not professionals, we cannot advise, but only talk from personal experience)


To Make Some Changes


– Create a petition to urge the government to improve mental health services cross the UK, especially aiming at the lack of continuity of care for students especially at a time where university education is currently very much the center of many political debates.

-Get in touch with local Universities and colleges to see what services are available within the student services, and to get our information out to students that may find our work helpful.

-In the future we aim to create a ‘Tips&Tricks’ pack for universities to help promote student mental health and well-being


We Need Your Help


Most of you reading this will know that our aim is to raise awareness for the lack of continuity of care for students who live in 2 locations throughout the year due to studying at university.

In order to do this, we will aim to gather as many stories from individuals (your identity will be kept confidential if you wish) as we can and post them once a week on our blog. This is to build a bank of examples of where the NHS has failed or succeeded for students. It’s vital to highlight where services are working well as well as pointing out the flaws.

Once we gather enough stories, we aim to start an online petition to get as many signatures as possible to send to the government and local

MPs. There are far too many self-inflicted deaths of those who were failed by the NHS, especially in Norfolk and Suffolk where we are based. We need to stress to them the seriousness of this situation and why they need to make vital changes.


Let’s make changes to bridge those gaps for the next generation.

Thank you

HopeAtHand #HAHUK