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March 2016

Crisis of Confidence

Whether you’ve been given a diagnosis or not, struggling with your mental health can make you feel like the life you once lived has slipped away; it can leave you in a crisis of confidence. Daily activities can be near... Continue Reading →


Attention! Let’s talk about Self-harm.

The UK has the highest rate of self-harm of any country in Europe. It is estimated that 400 in 100, 000 people self- harm. However, this figure is likely to be a lot higher as many cases go unreported each... Continue Reading →

The Dilemma of Intermission of Study

One of the hardest things last year was deciding whether or not to intermit from study at University after a mental health crisis and hospital admission. I eagerly awaited the start of Year 2 with a fresh head on my... Continue Reading →

#WeMind – Save Our Services

Mental health services in the Norfolk and Suffolk foundation trust are soon set to take another knock as the funding for the MIND support line in the area is coming to an end. Cue #WeMind On the 31st March 2016,... Continue Reading →

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