Whether you’ve been given a diagnosis or not, struggling with your mental health can make you feel like the life you once lived has slipped away; it can leave you in a crisis of confidence.

Daily activities can be near impossible, and you can find yourself hiding away from those closest to you, or even worse, trying to hide away from yourself.

The passion you once had for the things that create your identity often fade, as you fall into having to strategically plan your day in order to simply survive.

You no longer recognise the reflection of the face in the mirror; a once full of life human being now faded by the struggles of the mind.

It’s in these moments that those we love wonder where we’ve gone and more importantly we can feel we’ve lost ourselves. That is when our confidence can take the greatest of knocks.

You no longer felt like you once did, friends and family seem so far away even if they are by your side, your life as you knew it seems over, and the sparkle in your eyes has dimmed. Your identity has become clouded by the thoughts and emotions that take over your every moment.

Where do you go from here?

When your strategically planned days don’t go to plan, it can throw you even further from your safety point. Those around you may lose interest, and you may not be able to see past the ‘worthless’, ‘anxious’, ‘fearful’ person your mind has made you believe you are.

Please hear me when I say, this is not true.

You are still every bit as much the person you once were before this failing of health set it. You are still made of the strong essence that makes each one of us. The same essence that makes the ocean as beautifully powerful, even when it’s calm, the mountain stand still in all their glory, the same essence that allows the sun to burn brightly and light the way for us. All of that is within you.

So in those moments when you feel weak, reach out to those who truly know you and love you for exactly who you are.

Reach out to them from exactly where you’re at. Those who care endlessly will always be there to remind you of all your greatness, to remind you that you are uniquely loved, and every bit of that deserved. It’s okay to let yourself be reminded of that; of who you are.

You may often feel like you are failing in life and falling behind in all you once wanted to achieve. All of those things that once filled us with passion enough for us to persevere with long enough to acquire the skills now may feel like a heavy burden as we lose our confidence to carry on practicing.

And for yourself: remind yourself that you survive the war within yourself each day, even when you feel you have no strength left, you’ve survived. You’ve become and are still growing into a great warrior against all your demons.

Remind yourself of all you have achieved not only in your life as a whole, but day to day – the ‘small things’. They often carry the most meaning.

Each daily task will offer a new level of achievement, and each day more evidence for your case to win this battle inside yourself.

Those who love you will understand if you need to win this battle alone, but they will be there silently cheering you on from the sidelines until they can celebrate the victory with you.

This is only one part of your journey. As the phoenix rises from the ashes, so you will rise from within the depths you’ve found yourself in.

Each day you’re persevering in fine-tuning the art of survival. You’re learning about yourself, how to manage and accept your beauty, as well as engage with the world around you.

It’s a fine balance of pushing yourself everyday, but also knowing your boundaries.

Confidence is still within you, it simply takes nurturing and time to find it and with that, you will find yourself once again.


Lucy Roberts

Hope At Hand