We recently launched a petition to urge the government to make drastic improvements to mental health services for students, and the lack of continuity of care they receive.

As we said previously with 2,266,075 students attending university in the 2014/15 academic year (Higher Education Statistics Agency), and according to statistics a quarter of those will experience mental health problems, we at Hope At Hand are urging the government to not only talk about mental health, but for action to be taken for students.

Since launching the petition we’ve gained 182 signatures. We’re very appreciative of this, however we’re a long way off our target of 10, 000 in order to gain a response from the government.

Our petition was mention on www.huffingtonpost.co.uk and posted to one of their Facebook pages, which gained a few more signatures, but I urge you to please encourage friends and family to sign and share this petition.

To read more, please click here visit our first article with all the information regarding the petition and how many people it affects.