We’re excited to announce that very soon we will be working with a great group of people called ‘Mind Our Minds’.

We aim to join together, combine research, raise awareness, and overall work WITH NHS officials to improve mental health services for all.

Of course as HAH, we focus on student mental health, and this will be a priority during our work with Mind Our Minds, but if we can help support improvements for ALL at the same time, why not?!

Mind Our Minds

Lead by service users, for service users to guide each other through the process and work with NHS officials to improve mental health services for all.

“I bet there are more people suffering with these mental health services than us. I bet we can do something about it.”

What started off 2 years ago, with one comment sparking an idea to reach out to others also going the the process of asking for mental health treatment, has turned into a Facebook group where patients can come and express their concerns or issues regarding their MH care so that others who have been through similar can guide them through the process.

Mind Our Minds aim to work with NHS officials, and hold them accountable for the services provided.

Current research is being undertaken to better understand where the service is failing from a service user’s point of view.

It has become something similar to a peer support group lead by those who have been or are going through the same process rather than taking concerns or worries about their treatment or what to expect directly to NHS staff.

This is in the hope that those new to the system can be guided through what to expect, help ease any concerns, or sign post where to go with any issues that may arise.
 Mind Our Minds aim for the future:
  • To set up as an official organisation
  • Create their own website
  • Putting together a report based on the research gained from 1,000 patients using NHS mental health support
  • Taking this to NHS managers who have offered to meet with them

Contribute to their research here!