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July 2016

Our Survey You may have seen via our social media accounts that we've launched a survey. What's the aim? We're conducting independent research into student's knowledge of the mental health support available to them whilst studying away from where they live.... Continue Reading →


The Acute Mental Health Team at Parklands hospital have been my lifeline when I’ve left hospital in the past, and this time they even helped keep me out of the hospital.  They’re always very helpful, available 24/7, with a listening... Continue Reading →

Our Journey So Far: Where Do We Go From Here?

Hope At Hand UK launched early this year. We aim to urge the government to improve continuity of care for students experiencing mental health difficulties in the UK. Whilst we're doing this we aim to raise awareness of mental health... Continue Reading →

"For 10 years I’ve been trying to get help. I gave up asking in end, but GPs, CMHT, and CPN have been great. I'm now in DBT therapy which would have been better to have started 10 years ago, but... Continue Reading →

A Glance at DSA – Disability and Disclosure

It can be daunting when talking about disability, especially if you have not used that term before when talking about your mental health. It can also be difficult explaining or realising that you may have a disability, never mind disclosing... Continue Reading →

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