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What You Don’t See: The Truth Behind The Smile

You see the smile upon my face It doesn't match my thoughts It's my protection, my defence to keep you out It's not what I feel at all Inside I'm confused, conflicted, torn I don't know what to do My... Continue Reading →


A Letter To My Psychiatrist

I’ve found myself in your office like many I’ve been in before. You sit before me asking questions I don’t know the answers to. The same questions I’ve been asked before, and despite my impatience and lack of answers, please... Continue Reading →

The Art of Self-Soothing

To self-soothe – “Comfort oneself when unhappy or distressed.” (   So often in life we can become distressed, anxious or even feel completely disconnected with what’s around us and with symptoms of mental health problems, we can become engulfed... Continue Reading →

Self Worth – What I’ve Learnt Through Friendship

So often we base our self worth on how other's view us, as if their views are more important that our own. There are so many times in life, whether we're dealing with mental issues or not, that we feel... Continue Reading →

Mental Illness: the deceiver

Mental illness can be the biggest deceiver of all time. It can rob you of your confidence, and engulf you in self doubt, or even worse, self loathing, but we’re here to tell you, you can take back that power,... Continue Reading →

Pep Talk Challenge

  Will you accept the challenge? It's ok to own who you are, and love every bit of yourselves. You may not feel worthy, you may not feel loved, but we can only truly accept love when we first love... Continue Reading →

Crisis of Confidence

Whether you’ve been given a diagnosis or not, struggling with your mental health can make you feel like the life you once lived has slipped away; it can leave you in a crisis of confidence. Daily activities can be near... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Success, Not Reinforcing Doubt

As most of you know our aim is to raise awareness of the lack of continuity of care for students who live in 2 different locations throughout the year due to university. We're all about celebrating each other's successes, not... Continue Reading →

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