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Shocking Statistics In New Report – Why We Do What We’re Doing *TRIGGER WARNING*

In the last few days a report has been published that was put together for the  vice-chancellor of the University of York (UoY), Koen Lamberts, by the institution’s student mental ill-health task group. This report shows that there has bene a significant... Continue Reading →


**Petition Update**

We recently launched a petition to urge the government to make drastic improvements to mental health services for students, and the lack of continuity of care they receive. As we said previously with 2,266,075 students attending university in the 2014/15... Continue Reading →

Drastic Improvements Needed For Student’s Mental Health Services

One in four of us experience mental health issues in the UK each year, so why is it yet to become a priority for the UK government? With 2,266,075 UK students attending university in the 2014/15 academic year (Higher Education Statistics... Continue Reading →

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