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Worried About How To Manage Mental Health Whilst At University? See Here!

As the new academic term approaches many of you may be worrying about how to manage your mental health whilst away! Moving away from home and being thrown in with a bunch of strangers is daunting at the best of... Continue Reading →


A Glance at DSA – Disability and Disclosure

It can be daunting when talking about disability, especially if you have not used that term before when talking about your mental health. It can also be difficult explaining or realising that you may have a disability, never mind disclosing... Continue Reading →

The Art of Self-Soothing

To self-soothe – “Comfort oneself when unhappy or distressed.” (   So often in life we can become distressed, anxious or even feel completely disconnected with what’s around us and with symptoms of mental health problems, we can become engulfed... Continue Reading →

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