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Anxiety: What You Don’t See -The Truth Behind The Smile

You see the smile upon my face It hides 1, 000 things Racing thoughts of impending doom Worried what today brings I can't do this again today Racing heart, am I ok? Thinking through each possible event Does everyone know?... Continue Reading →


Thoughts Of A University Drop Out

As many of those I met at university graduated this year, or are continuing with their studies, I took some time to reflect. If I'd stuck at university by this time I would have been a qualified Primary School Teacher, and... Continue Reading →

Caught In A Storm: BPD

Imagine the strongest emotions you have ever felt. Perhaps when you have been so disappointed in something it takes over any positives, or been so angry to the point you feel like you are out of control. Couldn't stop yourself... Continue Reading →

M.E. and me: My Invisible Friend

Whatever you are doing right now, humour me for a second.....please? Take a look around you, what do you see, what do you notice? Now look again, what didn’t even hit your radar first time round? Modern technological developments mean that there are... Continue Reading →

Daniel – Living With BPD

Hi, my name is Daniel and throughout my life I have had a few different mental health diagnoses, but currently I it’s Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD, also known as Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder – EUPD). People with BPD may experience... Continue Reading →

Melissa – Living With OCD

This is Melissa's account of living with OCD, what she's learnt and her hopes for the future.

Nicholas – Living with DID

Here's Nicholas' account of living with DID. The raw truth of what it's like and his hope for the future.

Attention! Let’s talk about Self-harm.

The UK has the highest rate of self-harm of any country in Europe. It is estimated that 400 in 100, 000 people self- harm. However, this figure is likely to be a lot higher as many cases go unreported each... Continue Reading →

The Dilemma of Intermission of Study

One of the hardest things last year was deciding whether or not to intermit from study at University after a mental health crisis and hospital admission. I eagerly awaited the start of Year 2 with a fresh head on my... Continue Reading →

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